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Bottom 6 forwards

I honestly don't think a player by player comparison would be very productive, as our bottom 6s are constructed completely differently. So I'll try to compare them as a whole:

Third lines
  • Eden Hall's third line is a speedy two-way line
  • I'm honestly not sure what the purpose of Regina's 3rd line is supposed to be. The Harrises aren't really shutdown players, so their presence on the line makes it appear like it should be a two-way line like Eden Hall's third. But then you have Jan Erixon, a pure shutdown guy who never scored more than 8 goals, while playing in the highest scoring era in NHL history.
  • Erixon is the kind of guy who kills his own team's offense whenever the puck is on his stick, so I really don't think Regina's third line will be that effective in a two-way game. And while Erixon is the best defensive player here, he's playing with two guys who aren't really shut down guys.

Fourth lines:
  • Eden Hall's 4th line is a pure shutdown line - a huge asset at the end of periods and the end of close games.
  • Regina's 4th line is composed of a bunch of gritty guys who are good, but not great defensively. They have more offensive upside than Eden Hall's 4th line, but not all that much more.

Shutdown ability
  • Eden Hall's 4th line is the best shut-down line in the series, and it isn't particularly close.
  • Tippett is almost as good defensively as Erixon (and isn't any worse offensively), and Patey/McKay are much better defensive players than the Harrises
  • All 3 members of Eden Hall's 4th line are better defensively than anyone on Regina's 4th line, with the difference between Larry Patey and Darcy Tucker the biggest difference.
  • Regina's 3rd line is a bit better defensively than Eden Hall's with Erixon's advantage over Kapanen the main difference. Frankly though, I think Kapanen may be a better overall player than Erixon.
  • How much is Erixon's advantage in pure defense over Kapanen going to help when he isn't playing with a shutdown center?
  • I'll take the ability of Eden Hall's 4th line to close out close games over anything Regina can put together

  • Eden Hall's 3rd line is a bit better offensively than Regina's 3rd line, because Kapanen doesn't kill an offense like Erixon does
  • Regina's 4th line has more offensive upside than Eden Hall's pure shutdown 4th line, but how much more? Boutette has 1 good offensive season, Tucker has 1 good and 2 more significant offensive seasons, and Grier has 0 significant offensive seasons.

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