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Originally Posted by SensFanDan View Post
Our future captain is from TO and spends several months a year there. If TSN radio makes him feel more at home and happy, it's worth it. On top of that, TSN is professional instead of hiring yokel truck drivers like Angry Al or retired Senators (Jason York) or lawyers with a limelight complex (Macrame-lla). If we get even ONE reporter that can offer a critical look at the Senators (Steve Lloyd, Versage and Melanson being the ones that offer this in a lukewarm capacity) it's a win.

QFT. It's brutal the kind of garbage we get on the air. A half-hour of Tony Greco? Shean Donovan? Lee Versage? The terminally whiny about Toronto AJ Jakubec?

GET ME SOME PROFESSIONALS WITH A WIDE BREADTH OF KNOWLEDGE instead of the insipid pap we've been getting the past while. I was so exasperated with Jakubec I turned to a TO station and it was shocking how much more professional they are...talking hockey with experts, scouts and GMs around the league, then talking baseball, other sports issues and it wasn't bush league! Learn from that Team 1200!
I know its not perfect and its very easy to bash the team 1200 but some think it would just be simple for them to switch there format hire a ton of new people the fact is its not that simple for them to do that.I understand people are upset and i am with all those who are made now with that said email ctv media and then maybe if enough email them they will see people are not happy with the current programming.

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