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09-08-2011, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by NYRFAN218 View Post
To be completely honest, I think removing of the OT thread kills some of the unity of the board. Posters were starting to get to know each other, become more friendly, etc. It calmed some of the fiestyness that's always around here. I can understand that its gotten out of hand the past couple of weeks but in general, I think it should be kept around.

Regardless, you guys are the mods so what goes goes. I know it's a tough job for you so I'm not gonna sit here and ***** and complain about it because it isn't easy.

Thanks again for doing a solid job on the board guys, I try to keep myself being an ******* limited to make your guys lives easier
i dunno....the vast majority of this board already knows each other and get along just fine. frankly that thread was like a full time job trying to keep up with it, hence why i just said, eff it, and put them all on ignore.

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