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09-08-2011, 03:22 PM
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I see the reasoning behind it...for a few reasons, really. I've been a supporter of the OT thread for a while now, but I've somewhat shifted my focus from it to actual NHL related discussions; some of you may have noticed this. Honestly, if you guys want to talk "OT" kind of things, try and visit another active board's OT thread. I do this all the time, mainly with the New Jersey and Toronto boards. Also, there's the Lounge - which is not really for everyone, though. It's a bit of a cliquey place, and is somewhat of an "acquired taste". Still, the UTs have posters of many kind in them, and you can discuss "what you had for breakfast" type topics there.

There were too many "OT" threads clogging up the forum anyway, IMO. I come in here to discuss hockey, see that all the more visited threads are "OT", and I get a bit disappointed, to be quite honest. I know it's still the offseason, but there are still hockey related topics to be discussed; how about another LW thread?

Also, while the OT thread may have helped develop somewhat of a "bond" or a "connection" between certain posters and groups, what's done it done; it hasn't really moved forward since around December, and by now, we're all pals, and some of use discuss things regularly outside of the OT thread.

I think it's a good decision, for the time. Maybe it'd be a good idea to bring back in the offseason, but, for now, with Traverse City soon and the Preseason starting next weekend, I don't think we need it.

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