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Originally Posted by Bill McNeal View Post
I can't think of many scathing comments from Habs players re:the rivalry.

Off the top of my head:

- When asked during the Finals who he was rooting for, Hal Gill went out of his way to say he didn't like Vancouver before saying he wouldn't want the team that beat them to win either and wondering if the Habs could get a shot.

- Subban was torn when asked who he would cheer for between Boston and Tampa because he said he has friends on both teams.

- Carey Price and Tim Thomas obviously have some sort of off-ice friendship, demonstrated in their 'fight' this year.

- Pacioretty was bitter about Chara's hit at first, but has apparently since put it behind him and accepted Chara's apology.

- Here's a video asking Habs players what they thought the biggest rivalry in sports was:

More said Mtl-Tor than said Mtl-Bos

I don't agree with that sentiment at all, but I think it's a reflection of the team's mindset. Things may have changed since the Pacioretty incident (that video was shot before that game but after the 8-6 brawlfest) and the playoffs, but the Habs lockerroom has a very businesslike approach to the game. Don't want to get too high or too low, I guess. So you're not likely to find too many incendiary remarks from their end.

Unless I'm completely blanking.
A little OT, but:

You want to know my feeling on the bolded part? Had it been Thomas in the skates of Price, he would have kept pounding Price if he ever was to fall in a vulnerable position. The guy crossed the whole ice and this wasn't to laugh it off with Price. He had the sincere intention of knocking Price down. That's the Bruins mentality for you.

Quite obviously, he realized quickly enough that he was no match.

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