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09-08-2011, 06:47 PM
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Limitations were outlined here.

- OT CONTENT - We considered removing the official OT thread all together, but instead we wanted to clarify the purpose of it. We originally opened the OT thread as a drop box for all OT related content that would be thread worthy. It has turned into something that is more like a lounge. That was not its intended purpose.

If you feel the need to post something that is or isn’t Ranger related, and you can't find a suitable thread to post it in, then use the OT thread. Discussing what you are eating or posting a random picture or video is not OT material and takes up space. If you enjoy that type of chat discussion, visit the Lounge. Anything OT will be left or deleted at the discretion of the mods.
I'm not trying to backseat mod, but, to be completely fair, yeah, it was outlined, clearly.

I'm not necessarily happy with the decision, but, I respect it, and, honestly, I agree with it, despite the fact that I do enjoy this thread.


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