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The OFFICIAL 2011/12 Avatar Claim Thread! READ FIRST POST

Welcome, one and all, to the official avatar thread!

Here is your chance to make a claim on the avatar of your choice for the upcoming season. Without further adoo, the board-selected winning designer of the avatar poll is........


with his stunning two-frame gif image, incorporating "A Call To Arms".

. . . . . . . .

Congrats on the sweet image, and also great job to all the other designers. There were many excellent submissions.

Here is the video from which the inspiration for this avatar idea sprang:

kudos to skraut for his continued excellence in CBJ video editing.


Now comes the part where you get to pick what goes into your avatar. It is your job to find a source image for our graphics guys to work with. Here are some notes from kidacbj:

Requests/Source Material
- Requests should include the size upfront, sponsor or non-sponsor
- Source material should be selected with the intent that it will fit into the frame AND will look good when it is cut out.
- An additional picture can be submitted to go as the small sepia background image. <<if you will note, every avatar has a unique background image above and to the right of the main image>>It is not required though and I am willing to select for them.
- The design was intended to lend itself to non-player topics as well, so really the sky is the limit for the topic as long as it fits into the frame. Everything just needs to be "A Call to ____"
- Also, the five I already created are fair game to be used by anyone.

So, find a picture, post it into this thread, and let us make the avatar. Also include what you want the text to say, AKA "A Call to Toronto". Good places to search for images include Google Image Search, the official CBJ website (there's tons of photos from each game's recap), etc.

Expect your avatar to be completed within 5 days of your claim. Please, we all have jobs, this is gratis work, be considerate!

And here will be my last plea to BECOME A SPONSOR. It's the only way to get the bigger, cool avatars. Plus, isn't this site worth $12 a year to you? Yes. Yes it is.


Notes for designers
- Each frame lasts 2.5 seconds. Just a hard transition as the feathering makes the file WAY too big.
- There may be some difficulty in shrinking the 125x125 avatars. I was able to make it work by adjusting the colors and playing with the "Web Snap". Just make sure it doesn't distort the image too much.
- I intended to keep the text to the left but it can be adjusted if necessary to fit the source image.
- Keep in mind that the size limit for non-sponsor avatars is 20k, and for sponsors, 50k. Any avatar exceeding this size will be unusable.

Here are the files you will need to make your avatars. Note that this includes the font. You will need to install this font onto your hard drive before you can edit this template!!!!

If you are going to work on a batch of avatars, please post in this thread which ones you are going to work on, so someone else doesn't do the same ones. Post completed avatars in this thread.

Any questions? Please PM myself or kidacbj.

That's it, have fun!

FWIW a link to the voting thread

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