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10-24-2003, 08:50 AM
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espn camera work

This is the first season I've had a chance to watch a lot of ESPN coverage, and I'm curious about the camera work. It seemed kinda bad (during the Bruins game last night). Is that typical? Several times they lost the play, and then there was a bit of switching cameras from the traditional view down to the corner and back too quickly.. felt disjointed. Is that how it is?
I heard an interesting comment the other day on some sports show, can't remember which, about hockey on TV. Someone suggested getting a bunch of cameras to show a lot of different bits.. kind of like baseball.. in hopes of increasing viewership. Made me wonder if that's what ESPN was trying to do with the quick cuts to the corner cams and back out. I'd say that's a mistake. The thing with baseball (or football) for that matter, is you can use those extra cameras pretty easily because the games are slow(er). Lots of time for replays, etc. I wouldn't mind seeing a lot of different camera angles on replays, but not during the game. I've heard HDTV does a world of good for hockey on TV. I'd like to see that sometime.

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