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09-09-2011, 10:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
Not to be the optimist (I know how much people hate that around here), but...

Pittsburgh Penguins - Crosby could still be out for a while and take a bit to get back into the groove as well. Malkin hasn't been "Malkin" for a while now. Staal was not able to "dominate" when given the opportunity last year.

New Jersey Devils - Extremely young and inexperienced. There is literally zero center depth until Zajac returns. While rumors of Brodeur's decline are greatly exaggerated, is this a defense that can buffer him?

New York Rangers - The ever mediocre Rangers signed another high-end free agent that's supposed to jet them back up to the division championship? How many years have we heard this one only for them to just end up mediocre again?

New York Islanders - They're still using DiPietro as a necessary evil to reach the cap floor for god's sake.

Tell me why the Flyers can't win the division?

I'm not here to declare a championship, but if you think we don't stand a legitimate if not a favorable shot then you're crazy.

The only teams that are definitely better than us are the Caps and Bruins. The rest of the division is wide open.
Agreed. I have a few statements that I am confident stating:
1. Last years Flyers > This years Flyers
2. This years Flyers are NOT a Stanley Cup Contender (Any team that makes the postseason has a shot, but they are not a favorite for the trophy)

Luckily for the Flyers parity in the NHL is real and there are few dominate teams out there. If we were in the west, I think us missing the playoffs is a very real possibility! As it stands now I see the conference something like this:

1. Bruins
2. Caps
3. Pens/Flyers/Rangers (up for grabs)
4-9: Pens/Flyers/Lightning/Rangers/Habs/Buffalo/Jersey
***I can honestly say I wouldn't be surprised to see us in third. I also wouldn't be shocked to see us in 9th

The rest: Toronto/Ottawa/Winnipeg/Florida/Isles/Carolina

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