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Originally Posted by jarek View Post
The discussion of is the 9th best defensive forward really better than the 3rd best is a horrible argument, IMO. First of all, it's purely subjective, and second of all, other than Selke votes and using your eyes, there's no way to quantify this. Erixon got top-10 Selke votes in what, 5 seasons? Despite injuries? Maybe he's not a generational defensive forward, but I would put him right at the top of that "next best" tier.

C'mon TDMM, this is a very weak argument, and you know it.
I have used my eyes in watching hockey, thank you very much. For about 18 years. And from what I've seen, the gap between the top defensive forwards is not that big - certainly much smaller than the gap between the top scoring forwards and top defensemen.

Now to get away from "I saw it so it must be true:" There's a reason defense-only forwards get paid less than top forwards and top defensemen, right? Because it's a lot easier to get a defensive forward who's almost as good.

Since you obviously need something to do, look at who finished top 10 in Selke voting the last few seasons and try to argue with a straight face that the guys who finished 3-5 were significantly better defensively than the guys who finished 6-10.

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