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I really don't see this supposed physical gap that 70s thinks he has on the 4th lines. I'd rate their toughness something like this:


And of course, Eden Hall has the option of inserting Matt Cooke in the lineup if the series gets dirty. But I don't think it will - it's not like the Regina team is full of brutes or anything.

Originally Posted by seventieslord
- Your 4th line is a defensive line and it's a good one... where is the energy? Where is the intimidation? Where is the agitation?

Obviously McKay was a real swashbuckler, but Patey and Tippett were pretty passive pure defensive players.
This is inaccurate. Patey was a very aggressive player who was quite annoying to play against:

Larry was an annoying and antagonistic player to the other team. He was a ferocious checker, even in practice.
Originally Posted by Larry Patey
My strength was my skating. I was also fairly aggressive.
Patey collected 631 PIMs in 717 games.

Patey's aggression is why we selected him over the faster Todd Marchant for our checking center.

IMO, McKay is more intimidating than any of Regina's forwards.

And who says a team's "agitator" has to be a forward:

(Garth) Butcher played an aggressive style and earned a reputation as a classic "needler" who distracted opponents or provoked them into taking penalties.6 In 1989, Gerard Gallant of the Detroit Red Wings was suspended five games for retaliating and deliberately attempting to injure Butcher.
veteran agitator Garth Butcher
He (Snepsts) noted that the Blues, especially Butcher, kept banging Probert In the playoffs until the guy began taking unwise penalties. "Butch is something else," Snepsts said. "When we were in Vancouver that one year, he threw the whole Calgary playoffs out of whack. He was yapping at their whole bench, and he drove (coach] XXX nuts. They were running out of their positions, trying to get Garth."
Originally Posted by seventieslord
Which line is going to go out there and cause a ruckus and get the momentum going in your team's direction when you need it? To be honest, I don't see three players in your starting lineup who can really be that kind of guy for you. I see McKay, and I see Cooke on the bench. This is a major gap in the makeup of Edan Hall, one that can be critical as the playoffs wear on... which they already have, considering this is the finals.
McKay, Patey, and Butcher. You were critical of the Butcher pick before, but now you see why we selected him - he performs the role you are asking for here.

Honestly, it's not like Grier was some kind of physical beast.

And of course, realistically Cooke probably will be dressed for a few games. It might actually be a viable strategy against Regina. Regina's PP is weak enough where taking runs against Regina players could be

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