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Originally Posted by Edges7 View Post
The USHL has had over 200 players drafted into the NHL over the last 10 years - on par with the "Q". It's also had several of its alumni make NHL teams as FA's.

It's a somewhat problematic exercise to compare the USHLwith the CHL. Players in the USHL tend to be a year older so the offset of stars, 18-19 in USHL versus 17-18 in the CHL, is noticeable..
Point B is a reason to skew point A. If a 20 year old in the Q doesn't get his pro contract, he's basically done. If a 20 year old in the USHL doesn't get a pro contract, he's got 4 years in college to prove he's at least ECHL quality. Not to discount anything, but one would think a person would then put together that their play in college actually helped them make the pros, not the USHL, comparitively.

I think the whole USHL drafted player totals are fooey to be completely honest. I get why USHL fans bring them up(it seriously helps their CHL/USHL argument), but if you remove the NTDP from the numbers(and one these kids do NOT play a 60 game USHL schedule...even though they've only been in the USHL for what..2 years? It's still added about 18-20 players to that "total") and go on PURE USHL players being drafted, I'm quite sure the numbers would tumble quite a bit.

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