Thread: Speculation: The Habs will have a great season
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09-09-2011, 04:52 PM
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We have a balanced team - but are we any good? That's the question for me.

I'm worried about the coaching and the defense. Replacing a shotblocker who can carry #1 minutes is not going to be easy to do. Especially the shotblocking part. I have confidence Markov will be fine. Not sure why we didn't spend the money to keep Hammer. I like Gorges, but there's no comparison.

I don't like how Martin strayed from the trap when we had Boston on the ropes and their D turning teh puck over either. I understand the need for adjustments, but let them prove they can move the puck first... they did later on in the playoffs, so maybe he was right.

Coulda been: Markov/PK; Hammer/Spacek; Gill/Weber ---> or dump Spacek and sign Gorges... either way.

Worried that he's gonna have PK blocking shots on the kill to replace Hammer's blocks (hopefully Gorges can pick up the slack). Don't like Emelin from what I've seen of him so far and he takes a LOT of dumb penalties, which is already a problem for us. I'm sick of these fake aggression Euro guys we pick up. If a guy is going to the box, make it count and keep it clean. I can see Emelin getting us into a lot of trouble this year both with the refs and reputation-wise. A lot of teams will be gunning for us because of this kid (if he makes it). Which automatically makes me think of Markov's knee.

Don't like Kostitsyn and think you can't afford to have players like that on your team if you are serious about winning a Cup. I'd rather have a lesser skilled third liner who will bleed guts and win playoff games for us.

Worried we won't get Eller and Desharnais the support they need to make their magic. I prefer both of them to AK, but that will probably be the third line, so poor Eller will have to do all the work unless we roll 4 and use Desharnais as a go-between on both lines.

LOVE Cole. Not sure how much offense he adds, but he will be important in close games and in the playoffs when the space shrinks and he's still heading to the net like gangbusters and forechecking, hitting and digging out pucks. A big element we've been missing for DECADES. So he might not add to the quantity of numbers, but the numbers he puts up will be quality.

Pacioretty I think is a guy who will also take it to the net, but not so sure about his boardwork and strength on the puck. He's great when he's moving his legs with the puck tho and we have a lot of guys to follow him to the net.

Not worried about Gomez at all now that he'll have some wingers. Cammy will bounce back with a big year now that he's healthy.

If Patches and AK both step back, we have Eller or Desharnais chomping at the bit and that wouldn't bother me at all. I think they should do their best to see if Eller can be made into a scorer. That's what he was projected as in the draft and he certainly has the hands around the net.

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