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Maltby was grittier than Tippett, but Draper was no grittier than Patey. Perhaps a better comparison would be the Jay Pandolfo-John Madden-Turner Stevenson 4th line the Devils used to great effect for a bit.

We all saw this and we all know this. The info on Patey is very sparse right now. If he was in Tucker's class for intangibles it wouldn't be too hard to find some stuff in google news, because Tucker is literally all over the place - the guy made headlines with the way he played.
Seriously? Tucker made headlines for the same reason Matt Cooke did - everyone hated the POS.

You really think a twerp like Tucker would scare guys like Jack Evans, Walt Buswell, and Garth Butcher?

As for Larry Patey:
  • He was 6'1 in the 1970s and 80s
  • One teammate raved about how tough he was to play against in practice
  • Another teammate said he was so physically strong, he was impossible to knock over

I understand that Tucker has all that agitator cred, but that's only one type of toughness.

Here's one additional source I found on Patey. It's from junior hockey, so I'm not sure how it translates. I don't have time for an extensive archive search right now:

Rookies xxx, xxx, xxx, and Larry Patey all know how to use their strength as an intimidating factor on this ice.

The other thing I thought of was that McKay was often, if not always, the 3rd-best defensive player on his own line. The success of his line was less his doing than the other players, generally. On the other hand, considering he is clearly the 3rd-best defensive player on your line, I probably can't hold that against him, can I?
This is not entirely accurate - McKay was often the second best defensive member on his line after Bobby Holik (the center and a regular 3rd liner in the main draft). I don't remember every line combo the Devils had, but the left wings those guys had were usually solid but unspectacular guys like Sergei Brylin and Sergei Nemchinov. Madden was only their LW for one series.

hmm, sounds like you really think Gibbs is our #6.
I think Sargent is probably slightly worse than Gibbs. Sargent peaked higher, but he played so few seasons before the injuries hit, I'd lean towards Gibbs. I think Kampman is better than both, but he doesn't have the right skillset to play with another defense-only guy in Portland - Regina wouldn't be able to get the puck out of their zone.

Butcher was never more than a slightly above-average player aside from a couple of years. He made the ASG but surely you don't believe that is an indication of being top-12 in the league or anything, right?
I'll get back to Butcher later. Do your files have his ice times or just rankings?

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