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09-09-2011, 08:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
I remember them talking at some event about loyal players or whatnot, hence the rewarding of these players. I'm not the only one making such suggestions, a couple of mods/editors/whatever at a gaming message board were suggesting similar things (and they were multiplatform players), one suggested free MS Points for longtime subscribers when a birthday (for (the Xbox) comes around. Something about an incentive for other players to stick around for the ride "until the end".
Like microsoft is worried or even remotely cares about this garbage, they are about to let activision charge a montly fee to access exclusive content for mw3.

The thing about console gaming is that anymore people care alot less about quality or value the only thing they are concerned about is convenience, and its rather pathetic. Its not just gaming or entertainment either its just life in general people are lazy.

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