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10-24-2003, 09:31 AM
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Originally Posted by guzmaniac
Nut, I agree 100%. There must not be another reprisaless, gutless acceptance of teams taking advantage of the Kings. I would have to say that the team will be out of the playoffs very soon if they don't find someone to police this situation.

I can't believe that Ziggy has to make his own justice after getting clocked like that. He threw a hard check and then took the crosscheck. Upon close analysis we have no one to do the dirty work. Guys who played with passion last night are: Ziggy, Brown (why break up the best scoring line in the young season?), Stumpel he hit people and was playing defense along with the usual effort in the O zone, Luc played his game and though he never was a defensive juggernaut he did his job, Armstrong was moving all night and I remember him throwing checks. The whole defense was overwhelmed and was running around.

Where was Frolov? Klatt? Belanger? Avery?

I need a pound of flesh! The skill guys need to be protected.

One last thing, this happens every time Hair Helmet refs a game. I wonder what our record is with him as the ref, it can't be good.
I definitely agree when Fraser refs our games. But it seems to be every ref when we play. We now seem to be the league's whipping ******! Calls were not being made last night plain and simple, but we can't depend on the refs to sort out our situation. We need to start establishing our own justice. Without the likes of Norton, Flinn, and Brennan we're soft.......and I mean really soft. And even when they're healthy, i'll still hold my breath that AM plays them. Fourth lines in hockey don't really mean much, most of the time it's a line for protection and depth. He puts way to much pressure on Lappy to hold up that end of the bargain. Chartrand, Pirnes, Sim and whoever else will never help that situation. Plus they don't even get 6-8 minutes a game so what's the difference!

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