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09-10-2011, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by twistedwrister17 View Post
I thought THN hated the Rangers? That was actually objective and well thought out. I can't wait until this season gets underway. I haven't been this excited about the start of a season in a very long time.
EVERYONE has hated the Rangers for decades now because we drafted bad, signed older players to biiiig time contracts, was a mickey mouse organization (I know thats the Debbies but in seriousness, it was us too).

Now that the rangers have really went on a rebuild.. Drafted young GOOD players.. built the team from the draft and not from the free agency. Now we have the big contracts that were albotros off the team (minus Redden) and have young good kids on defense, awesome goalie (from draft) and our offense is up and coming. Now we can sprinkle free-agents in here and there and not look like we built the team FROM free agency.

I believe the NY Rangers will get a lot of respect from now on if we stay with the same formula that we have now. With a respectable hard nosed coach preaching to give up your body to make the play and players buying into that mentality. To the training camps that dont have donuts and bagels on a table next to the practice rink. We are an up and coming team who plays above their skill level and have a coach that demands respect from his players and FOR his players.

People see that and can identify with it. Before we were the fat cats. Having 80+ million in payroll. Now with the cap we have shown the last couple of years we can be responsible, ice a good team and not be in cap trouble (Granted we wont be too far away from the cap ceiling but thats because we have good YOUNG players who earned a raise).

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