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Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
Poor fuel quality is now being cited as a possible cause given that witnesses report a loss of power to all 3 engines simultaneously.
Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
From what they said the pilot was having a hard time getting the plane up to speed for liftoff, they felt he should have shut it down as it was obvious one or more of the engines wasn't running properly but he tried to take off anyways and ended up clipping an antenna and into the river.
Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Boeing/Bombardier/Airbus would probably crash too if their planes have loose safety standard and the planes are 30-35 years old.
All this is my point ! with good planes ... (powerful engines) you still have room for defects. But when at a well running stage, the plane takes time to take altitude ... you have a much smaller safety margin and ... the disaster is much more probable.

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