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Originally Posted by 2 Minute Minor View Post
Really? I think lots of fans like him, but he's probably the last guy on the team you'd see as captain based on his multiple "maturity" issues. I'm not sure they're all fairly portrayed, but when he missed practice that one was pretty hard to believe wasn't all on him.
Now he has multiple maturity issues?

He's 24 and he likes to party. That's not really a huge maturity concern (given how normal it is for his age) unless it affects his job performance, which it did once when he missed the practice. He was disciplined accordingly, and he said/did all the right things afterwards. Beyond that his effort on the ice (or off it, for that matter) has never been a question. He's never been in any sort of public trouble (i.e. DWI, drunk and disorderly, destruction of property, assault, etc.). He's not a "locker room cancer" as his teammates seem to like him well. By and large, he's represented his team (and his country, during international events) extremely well.

He messed up once, which is more than he should have...but it's no more than Berglund did, or countless other players. Obviously, there's still plenty of room for him to mature as a person and as a player. That's perfectly normal, given his age and stage of development, regardless of how much it jars the perceptions of everyone who had him up on a pedestal. Time will tell how he handles the maturation process, but for now can we stop talking about him like he's some sort of abnormal delinquent?

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