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09-10-2011, 04:02 PM
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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
as an outsider i am not sure how you can see this season as anything more than a roll of the dice.

* if bryz flourishes under the pressure, giroux blossoms with his elevation in responsibility and pronger and timmo are healthy, they could easily be top 2.

* if bryz and giroux break under the the pressure and pronger and timmo break down. doom is the word.

* if its a mix of the up and the down, then it will be a struggle but playoffs.

you'd think any of those three scenarios are fairly possible.
except the 2nd one. You cannot predict injuries, even if you factor in age. When was the last time Lidstrom was injured, or Chelios? (when he was playing). Compare that to DiPietro and Gaborik who have been injury prone since they were very young.

I'm not sure what pressure will cause Bryz and Giroux to buckle. The pressure of being "the guy"? They're professional athletes, and stars...they want to be the guy. The Philly media pressure? I think Giroux knows what to expect by now, and Bryz has the personality not to let that pressure get to him.

In fact, if you listen to any of Bryz's offseason interviews, his zen-like nature makes me wonder if anything will bother him.

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