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10-24-2003, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by IGM
Wouldn't this post be better over at LGK? I mean, we lose one game to a soft team (I could go on about all of our missing players and the rest but it is still a loss) and all of the sudden (as usual) the sky is not only falling, but it has fallen and hockey is over in LA as we know it. I mean, I know that 7 whole games have gone by already so that means that the whole season is over and everything but still, this kind of whinning is just sad.

Go ahead and tell me how we always suck and I will tell you that we didn't have stumple, Luc Klatt and the rest of the team that has made us 4-3 without Matty Miller Ally Deader Cammo Aulin (I mention them because they are the next in line of our kids to step up and I feel that Cammo AND Aulin where both poised to do well before their injuries based on what I saw at camp.) Tell me that AM is a highschool coach and I will tell you that he was won at every level he has coached at INCLUDING a gold medal this summer. Tell me that our guys are soft and I will tell you that like most teams we have our moments. For example, do you think that there are many Flier fans that posted this crap after we beat them Saturday? No, there isn't. Just go to there page and take a look.

For gods sake guys, we have not only added players but we added CORE players in Luc Klatt and Stumple as well as periphery guys. We are still playing without our 4 of our top players and if that was most teams in the league they would be O for right now. Instead of hitting the panic button everytime we lose a game until our full roster comes back and looking like a bunch of irrational knee jerk reactionaries, take a breath. Step away, I am pissed at the loss too and if you were here saying that we have a bad habbit of playing up or down to our opposition then I would agree with you completely. If you want to talk about the fact that we came out flat footed and stood around a bunch to start the game then I am right there with you as well. But to come in here crying about how we don't have a coach and our team sucks after our third loss of the year and with less than 20 games gone it just looks stupid.

Normally I wouldn't say anything about another persons POV but I left LGK because of the idiot children who couldn't go a day without spewing crap about how bad we are while rarely if ever having anything that is truly hockey related to add to any thread and I sure don't want to sit back and watch that happen here when we are only at game 7.

Socreboard, 4-3-0-0 for 8 points and tied for first in our division. If you had told me that we would be here without the guys we are missing right now I would pray that you were right. I tell you what, If we don't stay one game above 500 over the next 5 games come back and cry about how bad AM is and how our team sucks and soft our guys are.

Just be prepared to give legitimate reasons why you feel that way. Its alright to get pissed off after a loss to a team that we should have beaten but come on, it is one game and I would bet that we will lose at least another 18 this season and if the sky is going to fall after every loss then it is going to be a very, very, very long season.
I, like you moved from LGK, that place is a zoo. I am upbeat on most aspects of the team's composition. If there is a major flaw in the team assembled it is in the area of protection of stars. Avery can't do it, Lappy can't, Brennan doesn't have the skills. If you were a coach of an opposing team what would your strategy be? Skate with Ziggy or slam him. Until it is addressed we can expect more of the same.

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