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10-24-2003, 11:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Darz

-Jose Theodore. His play is absolutely solid. I find it funny how he plays 5 straight solid games, and people still talk about the one game his teammates left him high and dry.
I dunno if I am of those "people" but I don't think Theo had to STEAL games so far. He sure has looked very solid. But I still believe he was something else in 01-02. He was just out of this world. The better goalie performance I've ever seen this side of a 93 playoffs Roy. His play this year is reminescent of 01-02 but not equal to it IMO.

What you say about people still talking about the Ottawa game is just an exemple of what I want to say. Theo won't carry the team to the playoffs like he did in 01-02. If the team lets up Theo's stats won't be much better than the Ottawa's game sample. He is still hands down much better than last season, more prepared and seems more focused. But I don't think he has been THE key so far. What has been the deciding factor is the way we play as a team. When we didn't do that (Ottawa) Theo didn't look good. That's the way I see it ...

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