Thread: Injury Report: Nathan Horton takes the ice
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09-10-2011, 11:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
Nice that you take the reaction of a handful and apply it to everyone.

There are a few who think Pouliot is and will be a bust. There are a few who think he'll be great.

And then there are the majority, who believe the guy's worth a shot to see what he's got, and if he works out, great, if not, no great loss.

Just because you loathe him doesn't mean that people who are willing to give him a look-see think he's a stud. There is such a thing as a middle ground.
but dont you dare lump people into groups uh uh...

Hey art, it could always be worse you could get thrown into the group that hates every decision the bruins make, sh**s on the bruins every chance you get and then conveniently forget all the bull**** you spew during the regular season when the bruins do well.
Dont forget. Horton was one of the worst moves chia made. he thinned out our D and gave us someone with no heart. no balls.

Ohhh wait, he did well, lets just forget about that one

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