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09-11-2011, 12:04 AM
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Originally Posted by HockeyDood View Post
There is no possible way those numbers are accurate. The Sharks overall had the 7th best goals allowed last season, and Niemi had the 11th best gaa and 12th in save %. Fleury in Pitt had almost identical numbers to Niemi and somehow Pitt got a 92 for goaltending. Yea, those have to be user created or something because that is just bs.
Pretty sure those are accurate for now, just the way they average it is completely off. People who got the game already said Niemi is an 85 and Niittymaki is an 82, but the Sharks goaltending is an 80. Doesn't make much sense. What makes it worse is that I'm assuming Luongo will be like a 91, Schneider like an 83, yet their team goaltending is a 95.

No rush for me getting the game though. I'll probably pick it up on Thursday on my way back to SF, but I might not be playing too much for the first week or so because of school work. And when I do play, I'll probably be playing BaP offline for boosts/boost slots or BeAGM.

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