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09-11-2011, 04:29 PM
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Originally Posted by TheStig View Post
the kids can not get used to losing--at some point in time losing becomes more then just falling in the standings it starts damaging the players psychii
Has this type of thing ever been documented? Players getting used to losing? It affecting them in the long term?

Originally Posted by Yanner39
Some fans cheer more for Oilers' prospects and draft picks, than the actual team. Sad really. Hypothetically, the Oilers draft 1st in 2012, these same "fans" will want then to tank again to get the 2013 pick. It never ends.
It's all a continuum. Some people would be happy with mid-round picks and perpetual mediocrity. Others were okay with a single 1st overall pick (Hall). Then others with two (RNH). Some want more, but I've never seen someone say they wanted to keep losing for ever.

I'm personally wanting another Top 5 pick because I think we need one more top talent, preferably a defender. After that, I think it needs to stop. Four years after the Nordiques drafted first overall for the third time, they won the cup. I would be happy if the Oilers followed the same path.

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