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Originally Posted by juve View Post
I would grade the forwards B+, we don't have a superstar forward to even qualify getting an A.
True but we have enough depth imo to be considered better than a B+

Of course I'll let the boys speak for themselves after they show us how good they are. That having been said both opinions imo have validity just all boils down to the way you see it.

I'm the glass half full type. While I see we don't have a Crosby or Malkin or even a Kovalchuk, I see that we have a lot better offensive depth overall than their teams. (If you notice we have 3 offensive lines, Pitts struggles to at times put good wingers with Crosby and Malkin. Luckily they have Crosby and Malkin lol. But we have 6 solid wingers, 2 good centers and 1 young promising center. Yes Gomez is a good center)

Goaltending I think is sound. Give Budaj a backup role and I think he'll really shine especially with a decent team in front of him. He seems like the kind of goalie who has been hung out to dry and never really given a fair shake. I think a new scenery could be good for him. Whether that's in Montreal or another team I can't say but I suspect he plays less than 20 games even still.

Defense is what has me worried. On paper I'd say we're more of a B- or even C+ with the potential of being an A. There are a lot of what ifs involve imo. Losing Hammer will be a big loss but having a healthy Gorges and Markov *knock on wood* is a bigger gain. We still have Space cadet in the line up which is imo a wild card. We've seen what he's capable of but we've also seen a lot of bad too.

Subban is only in his second year I project him having a better season but I can understand concerns of a sophomore slump.

Weber, Emelin and if it comes to it Diaz, are all unproven at this point. I see a lot of potential but the only one to prove much is Weber.

It's going to be a youth movement on D backed by vets like Gill, Gorges and Markov. I hope they're up to the task because it's definitely going to be tough.

Emelin I do think will make it but at an expense, costly penalties.

I'm mostly worried about the defense, offense looks the best I've seen in years due to depth. We may not have Crosby but we have depth all around. Price seems sound to me, in my eyes he's only had one bad season and is a young phenom and when people say we don't have a superstar I disagree completely. Having a good goalie on the back end gives your forwards that extra chip on their shoulder. They can take more chances, they have more confidence. When you have a superstar young goalie like Price on the back end you know every night you can win, you know every night you can come back from being down. It's like Brian Gionta said the atmosphere they had in Jersey was that you could win the cup every year, you could win every game, the feeling in the locker room was that you always had a strong chance of winning.

Our management is assembling a club of winners and I like what I'm seeing a lot. They might not make all the best moves on paper but I truly believe there's a lot of thought behind every move. For the first time in years we really have a team. Not just a bunch of guys but a real team. I don't see how coaching could honestly screw this up I really don't but I have to admit D is currently questionable. Many injury risks and young unproven players. No Hammer to back them up. If we don't use that cap space I'll be pissed we didn't give Hammer the 2 year deal because if we sacrifice having a pillar like him we most certainly must make a big time move at deadline for somebody that will put us over the top.

Originally Posted by Ford Prefect View Post
I think that's being generous. I think they're at best a B-. There isn't a go to guy in the bunch that will get you that goal when you're desperate. None will likely score more than 30 goals. There isn't one amongst the group that hasn't had their consistency questioned and debated in the last 2 years.

Yemelin as the 7th? I don't think so
Cammy has 2 meh seasons with some injuries, has some trouble coming back to 100% and suddenly he isn't a go to guy? He most certainly is imo. He's no Kovalchuk but he's good enough imo. Cammy gets severely underrated around here. Give him a healthy season and I think he'll blow your expectations of him away. He most certainly wasn't carried in Calgary and LA, he can pull it off here too.

Also if you rate our offense a B+ how do you rate Philadelphia's?

You don't necessarily need to have 1 guy who puts up 85-100pts+ to have an A+ offense. Depth can put you over the top. I guess it boils down to how many goals you score as a team more than anything. Last year we were one of the worst so I understand the concern but I think we're going to surprise people this year.

I like this team because we're a team that actually plays hockey. We may not have a lot of goals but we also don't have a lot of goals against. For some people it's boring hockey but I love seeing hockey like this where it's tight games, tons of team work and playing hard. Timely saves! To me that's what the sport is really about not necessarily one guy but the team. I see our offense as a collective given their two-way style to be good.

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