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09-11-2011, 04:46 PM
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Hockey can be analyzed statistically but, not to the same extent as baseball. In baseball, everything can be quantified and measured. If you pay attention to some aspects of the game that others tend to ignore you can find undervalued players that will help you earn more wins.

In hockey, you cannot quantify everything that happens on the ice. You cannot put a measurement on defensive play nor can you rely on goaltending stats to tell you much about the quality of a goaltender. You can quantify offensive production but there are so many aspects of hockey you cannot quantify - you simply have to watch the players play. Thus, the whole "moneyball" concept does not transfer.

In hockey you can find undervalued players but it is more abstract how you do it. Experience, understanding and watching the players play is more effective than some advanced stat. In fact, advanced hockey stats like Corsi etc. do a great job of hindering understanding because their measurements are so skewed and inaccurate.

If a GM is using Crosi and +/- religiously to evaluate players, he will get burned on trades all day long.

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