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09-11-2011, 06:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Spongolium View Post
phlocky, seriously. What is it with you and awful trade proposals.

While you may not like them, they are fair trade value for him. As I said, I would NOT trade for him at this point. I have stated my concerns with him and it's not that I believe he isn't worth that much just that I don't think he's earned what he's expecting and that I'm fearful of him bolting as soon as he's UFA eligable.

Now, if you are additionally referring to where I wais that Luke Schenn was worth Couturier + the 2nd we recieved in the Richards trade then you will NEVER find anywhere where I said that I would or wanted to do that deal. I for one would NOT make that trade but it doesn't mean that Schenn is NOT worth that much in a trade.

Additionally, I said that if Burke was to deal Schenn then I felt that he'd want an NHL player in return. Simmonds would proably be a player they'd be interested in and his value is probably worthy of the 2nd from the Kings and the Leafs high 2nd rnd pick. Thus the end deal (if it were to happen) would probably look like L. Schenn + Tor 2nd 2012 for S. Couturier + W. Simmonds. While I for one would not do this trade, it's probably a "fair" deal valuewise.

My intent with starting this thread was to get the opinion of others regarding Bogosian KNOWING that to aquire him it wouldn't be cheap. To say "sure, I'd take him for a 2nd" is rediculous because there is no way he could be had for that little. Lets be realistic here. My feeling is that he does still have the potential to become a 1st pairing and potential franchise dman and if you don't think that's worth giveing up Voracek and a 2nd or Simmonds and a 1st for a player that could become like Shea Weber then I don't know what else to say. MY concern at this point is not just that he may not reach that level of play but that he is looking like he may be becoming a "problem child" and not worth the headache.

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