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09-11-2011, 10:27 PM
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Originally Posted by stonecole72 View Post
You sound like an obnoxious guy who likes to complain over a game which has not even came out yet. Try to develop one game, after come back to me. And that's good for everyone who hates NHL's development team.

Just so you know, the team developing NHL isn't the same as the one developing Madden, MLB, or whatever they're developing.

No, I'm not playing a whole lot of games. But I do know what it involves...

Isn't it what all companies are doing? Yeah, at some point, some companies out there make the most out of their monopoly. It's a well known phenomena and anyone clever would do the same, really. Which OS are you running on your computer? What are you using for your internet/TV/telephone? I mean, it doesn't make EA any less credible to do this. And quite frankly, no game is ever going to be perfect. At least, not ones involving sports. There are too many variables involved.

As for your comment about realtime physics, did you really expect them to come out with that? It would take way, way too much work, and NHL's development team isn't the biggest to say the least.
Sorry brah, but the game IS out. It's out in europe and it's out early in NA right now. The reason why I know the game isn't much of an improvement over the last one is because of just how closely I followed the developer diaries and blogs which talked about the features. I also follow the game industry very closely, and I have worked in small game development teams and I've got about 6 years of programming experience under my belt, including Java, c++, VB and multiple types of web programming. Not many people bash the programmers themselves, they bash the company behind them who contents themselves with the status quo, especially now that they've secured a monopoly.

NHL's development team isn't the biggest? Well no ****, that has everything to do with how many resources EA decides to put into the game. NHL 11 had countless glitches, exploits and problems that could have been fixed with patches, but very little was ever done. Even game breaking glitches like the hourglass bug was never even touched. Nobody asked for broken glass, nobody wanted missing helmets, and nobody wanted girls in the game or winter classic. And when they finally got to something the fans really wanted, like multiple player build slots, they half-assed it there too.

What OS do I use? I use windows 7, which I jumped on because it was a clean, FINISHED product. Unlike vista which was panned in the computer geek community for months, forcing most to keep XP. Which ISP? I use acanac, because they help bypass the throttling of another EA like corporation: Bell.

When you yourself admit that they're taking advantage of their monopoly, you can't turn around and say they're 'underrated'. Sorry, but once you've done your homework and played games from companies like Valve, Bethesda, naughty dog, then your opinion on who's 'underrated' might have some weight behind it. But if you're coming into a thread claiming that people are giving EA heat they don't deserve, make sure you have some ground to stand on, or else it makes you look like a fanboy or RamJamalangadingdong's own son.

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