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10-24-2003, 11:27 AM
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I think it was a great all-around effort, but still, I think we could easily have messed up with our lead. Contrarly to previous games (i.e. against Washington), we sat down on our lead, and we were trying to stop the Islanders instead of trying scoring more goals. I think it's safe to say we probably wouldn't have won that one without an excellent performance by Theodore. Most of the guys played a decent defensive game, but with that being said, it was a very boring game to watch. I can understand that it's part of Julien's new system, and I don't mind seeing guys dump/chase the puck from time to time, but it was getting rather ridiculous, not to say umimpressive.

I don't want to sound as a pessimistic fan here, I just don't think the Habs have shown creativity in offense tonight, after we scored our 1st. Ribeiro has been good, and continues proving he's got excellent playmaking ablities, but I still believe we are in desperate need of having Saku back in the line up. Not only is he the one that's better at setting up plays, but he's often the one that brings the momentum back to his team, with a great shift. It will definatly help when facing a top team. Nobody on the team can feed his linemates as he does.

I hope he's back in the line up to face the Sens on Saturday. Perhaps it didn't quite look as we weren't on top of our game last night, but I'm worried about the performances we'll get when playing good teams such as Philly and Ottawa. And finally, in response to those who say we shouldn't make changes to our line up, even for Saku... I say, what if we were even better with Koivu? Sometimes when I read posts I feel like people aren't too concerned about him being injured. That's questionable.

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