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09-12-2011, 09:06 AM
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I'd be satisfied with standing pat *IF* management had already approached some of the likely candidates out there, but determined that those players didn't want to play for us (on the kinds of terms I'd be thinking of, that is). We have $5M in cap space with openings up front and on D. Guys like Madden, Winchester, McCabe even, Hannan before he evapourated, etc, etc, all the usual suspects... if you could have any 2 of them on 1-year deals and still have $3M+ in cap space free for all this deadline contingency usage that people are talking about... shouldn't it be a no-brainer? $3M still gets you any player in the league at the deadline.

I'll just assume that Gauthier approached a variety of these players, but found that they either didn't want to come to Montreal, or didn't want 1-year sub-$1M deals, or some such. C'est la vie.

I'm a little surprised that so many people are so sold on the deadline acquisition issue, however. What if:
a) Habs aren't looking like a contender at the deadline, or
b) Habs don't make a significant acquisition at the deadline, or
c) Habs feel some kind of internal pressure to make a significant acquisition at the deadline and in so doing make a terrible trade for a player who ends up not making a difference and gives up some of the youth elements that are so cherished around here in the process...

Etc. Then what was the cap space good for? It's all what-ifs. I would always rather see the team spend the money up front in a clear attempt to make the team better from Day 1.

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