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09-12-2011, 08:53 AM
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Originally Posted by JagerPuck View Post
Have been screaming about this for the past 2 years. It seems to me as if EA purposely sandbags all of their sports titles. Keep buying $60 roster packs with minimal gameplay additions.
Not to mention, no options for OLD commentating. I've been hearing the same damn Gary Thorne and bill clement comments for years now. "Bing, bang boom... it's off the pipe."

The PC version (while they still had it) had COMPLETELY different personalities. Jim Hughston (unfortunately with the antics of Don Taylor) Why not include those on both versions so you had different commentators, like Craig Simpson, etc. the play calls are there, just have it pick a random play by play or color guy each game. or let us skip the damn color commentating like we used to be able to.

Also, why do they remove names from the pronounceable list for your BAP? I guarentee you if pronger retired and wasn't in the game this year, they would remove Pronger from the pronounced list. That doesn't take up THAT much room on the DVD, which when you look, doesn't really take up much space on the disk anyway.

Madden lets you choose teams with the roster that they won the title with for that year. Too bad you can't choose a fantasy team like 94 Rangers, or 77 Canadians, etc.

The fact that they put the centennial Canadians in there means they CAN do it.


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