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09-12-2011, 10:03 AM
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Originally Posted by OcAirlines View Post
The ranking looks okay, i agree. The only real "fail" I see is the assessment of Crawford, he is ridiculously underrated. Ranked #18, really, with guys like Persson, Biega and MacKenzie in front of him? And when you read the segment about Crawford you get the feeling that the author doesn't know the player at all.
I also don't see why Enroth dropped, but that's just a minor thing. But generally i think it's a bit strange how people rated Enroth during the summer. He had some great games last year and will be our back-up this season, but he dropped quite a bit in our board-polls and in the hf-ranking as well. I know this is just because he is one of our older prospects, but i still think it's wrong. Maybe he isn't "flashy" anymore, but this shouldn't be the criteria. If you think he is too old for the list, leave him out, but if he is in it, rate him like everyone else. This is something that really bothered me about our own prospect-poll and i don't think it's good that the HF-staff seems to take the same approach. I'm a big McNabb-fan but having him over Enroth (and to some extent Gragnani) is just wrong and i also don't think Pysyk should be ahead of Jhonas. But i guess those two guys are still young and you can project your hopes on them, while Enroth and Gragnani are too old and safe.
I agree with how they dealt with Foligno. Normally he shouldn't be downgraded after the season he had, but his rating was way too high last year so it's reasonable that they took him down a bit. I think even 6,5 is a reach but i'm okay with it. Don't like the Tropp downgrade but his last rating was too high as well, so nothing wrong with that.
It may be that Enroth did not dominate yet again at the AHL level and was generally outplayed by Leggio that has taken some of the bloom off that rose. Yes, he won them games, important ones too, but he did not do it in spectacular fashion -- his GAA and save percentages weren't all that great. In the face of that, it appears others have passed him at least in terms of grading.

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