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09-12-2011, 09:16 AM
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While I agree with others in that there are some shoddy "facts" in the article, I'm going to be (so far) the only one who thinks that this is not only possible, but even perhaps highly probable.

If you do believe Forbes, the financing of this team is a bit of a debt nightmare, and the team operates slightly in the red or black (no pun intended) each year. We don't know the numbers from last year yet (Forbes piece usually comes out in a month or two), but I cant imagine they were solid, what with the "season of suck" and the 10,476 discounts per game in a desperate bid to put fannies in seats.

Personally, I've also previously here on HFBoards speculated that I thought it bizarre how aggressively the Devils push for the frontloading of revenues from their ST base, which always made me wonder if there was a timeline factor involved (i.e. meeting a debt payment).

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