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09-12-2011, 09:37 AM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
Anyone else have a feeling if we're looking solid by deadline we may see one of the biggest trades happen of the last two decades?

There will be some quality pending UFA and cap space if all goes well.
If we're in good health and top 3 conference by deadline, we bloody well should go for it.

If we are not top 3, no, I would not trade a top young prospect just yet.

Originally Posted by BLONG7 View Post
Bos, Buff and the Habs are all gonna fight it out for the division title...injuries will be the key...
Which is why yet again, the Northeast division winner will be no. 3 conference.

We just beat the **** out of each other all year. Habs will take a high percentage of their losses in our division this year I think, but so will Boons and Sabres. Meaning less conference points for all.

I'd much prefer a 2 divisions system each conference, probably gain the Habs 4-6 points a year.

Can't wait until the Bruins fade in 2 years...but with our luck, Laffs will be pretty good by then...

Originally Posted by neofury View Post
I remember the last time Sabres fans were this excited about their team. It was the summer Drury, Briere and Campbell all walked and the savior Tim Connolly was going to lead their team to 1st place and a cup.

Long story short if I'm not mistaking they missed the playoffs that year. I wouldn't buy into all the Sabres hype just yet. They may finish a strong team in the East but I doubt they have the fairytale start they're all imagining. With a revamped team like that there will be some speed bumps even as much as I respect Lindy Ruff as a coach.

Flyers and Sabres are the two teams that imo could honestly go either way.
I respect your opinions, but I do not buy the 'team needs to gel' argument at all. Never. I think it is a cliche. Chemistry blah blah. I've never bought it. Ever. It actually really bugs me when people bring it up. It's absolutely false.

As a player, I could tell how a new guy played in one game, and I was far from a pro. It took absolutely no time to adjust to the guys on my line, we all knew perfectly what to do, and we were complete utter **** compared to very very experienced NHL players we are discussing.

Buff is scary, end of. It will take those guys 3 games to know each other, not 20.

We can only hope at least 3 of Buff players under perform due to injury, or addiction, or divorce, because 'Chemistry' will not be a problem for Buff...don't bother dreaming otherwise, not with NHL players.

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