Thread: Synthetic Ice?
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09-12-2011, 11:38 AM
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It is very, very expensive for sure, but obviously not as expensive as maintaining a real ice rink. It's not the same as real ice, but I thought it was not bad at all to skate on. Tried it out when I bought my "Base" stick (they have a little fake ice rink where you can shoot around and demo the sticks before you buy), AFAIK there's quite a range in quality in terms of the fake ice, but whatever they had was nice. Takes a few minutes to get used to, but pretty quickly I felt fairly natural, even when turning hard or stopping. Does dull your skates more quickly than real ice, leaves little plastic shavings on your skates, and I wasn't too comfortable skating backwards on it, but if I had the money I'd definitely get a nice synthetic ice surface in my basement.

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