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09-12-2011, 01:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Generic User View Post

Gambling kingpin: "So what do you want to do for our TV spot?"
Ad executive: "Well, here's my very first thought: we were thinking we'd have Mikael Granlund choose between three options.. but instead of picking one of the two good ones, he picks the bad one."
Gambling kingpin: "Like on 'Let's Make a Deal?"
Ad executive: "Yeah, except the groundbreaking twist will be Granlund picking a rugged, biker-looking guy instead of two pageant queens. Then he'll be like 'uh oh!'"

I bet that's almost verbatim of how the pitch went.
Don't know if you knew it, but the rugged, biker-looking guy is a former NHL defenseman Jere Karalahti. The ad is also filled with Finnish hockey people, but what's the point in it? I have no idea.

EDIT: Oh, heksagon was faster than me.

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