Thread: Speculation: The Habs will have a great season
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09-12-2011, 02:03 PM
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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
All very good points. I will back off of my too personal statements. It's always incorrect to argue from personal experience!

Even though as usual I agree with your valid points above, I would not assume the Sabres (why in 40 years have we not got an insulting nickname for them by the way? Jeez) will struggle just yet.

They worry me, mainly because of Myers and Miller...let alone the new guys.

Very good post. Seems I should shut my gob some times...I definitely buy overall team chemistry. No question. Makes you a great team not just a good one...

And your point about playing for a very long time together is interesting. Perhaps you did that. Being hack amateur, I never did. I never thought of that...damn, it would be nice to have some of the great guys I played with on our line for 5 years! True, must be phenomenal...

Let's hope that that the new Buff guys don't get more than a couple years together!
Very true. Mind you I'm not really assuming so much as thinking they might

Of course they could pan out and rock like you said from day one, it's just my personal prediction is all. Not trying to say it really will happen.

Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Maybe you'll turn out to be right. A lot of folks think the Sabres are going to be awesome. I'm personally not in that camp but those folks could turn out to be right. And you are absolutely correct that Miller could carry them higher than us in the standings and Myers looks great too so...
Exactly, please understand when I say stuff like that I'm not saying I know the future just my personal prediction prior to the season getting underway. No doubt with Miller and Myers coupled with solid coaching they could still carry the team even if they do have some trouble adjusting to the newcomers.

It can definitely go either way. I mean who knows the leafs may even win the cup this year anything can happen

That being said I will say this, I hope I'm in the camp that's right (Not for my ego but for the sake of our team!)

The Sabres have always been the kind of team I love and hate. (And love to hate!)

If they were in the western conference they'd probably be a team I'd root for. I like their team like their coaching and now management is actually trying to build via UFA a little bit. Since they're a rival though I can only wish they'll flop

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