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09-12-2011, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
First, I try.

Second, I thought most of those gagged insiders were gagged because of Richards discussion. Last I heard there was no real movement to move Carter from within the front office for what will politely be declared "off-ice" issues; according to those insiders anyway.

While this certainly does suggest that he was moved for on-ice issues as this article seems to suggest, I have my problems believing that the statistical on-ice leader of the Flyers just signed to a bargain contract was moved for such a reason.

There are only a limited amount of possibilities that exist here:

1) He was involved in off-ice incidents with Richards (under the assumption that Richards was involved in such things).
2) The Flyers were not happy with his on-ice play despite him statistically leading the team in pretty much all relative categories a forward can lead a team in.
3) The Flyers, having just signed him to a contract, were already second guessing the longevity of the deal.

Carter was traded for hockey reasons more than any of the red herring hate crap that he was lazy. Therefore, not sure why it keeps being brought up other than to deflect from the fact that Carter was always a logical player to move given the return you could get for him and how you could leverage his roster spot in other ways....i.e. like getting a bonafide goalie and shoring up the wings with size. Exactly what we accomplished and more. The Carter trade for the return we got was a no brainer and Columbus is going to look like idiots in a few years although they got what they needed to hold that franchise over for the time being.

The Renegade mentioned that the organization made up their mind to trade the both of them during the playoffs..something the article alludes to. So it seems more than just a coincidence. That is mostly what I'm alluding too not necessarily the off-ice stuff which was discussed ad naseum and really ties to Richards more than anything (not seeing eye to eye with the coach, not talking to the press, not being prepared for camp etc etc). Management probably realized that trading Carter wouldn't exactly be positive to the Richards situation as well so that's why they were both sent off their merry ways.

I do believe the clique thing and the drinking played a part but it never was any one thing IMO. It all just coalesced.

Anyway...time to move on. A new beginning will be shortly upon us...

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