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10-24-2003, 01:07 PM
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and I would say that your view is too optimistic - which could be equally as bad.
Hey im an optimistic person but im not being overly optimistic here.

King plays nothing like O'Neill... saying that he's a powerforward makes no sense to me, unless you are suggesting that basically any player that can score and hit is a powerforward??
Well, maybe thats a bit of a stretch(playing style) But i stand by my word that king can and will be a powerforward.

and King hasn't proven to be able to do either consistently at the NHL level... he's simply having a good start as a rookie, but hasn't shown any reason to think he'll be a powerfoward.

Reason #1) Scoring
Reason #2) Ability to stand in front of net.

why is Daniel any different then?? he has the ability to score - and put up 20 goals as a rookie - which if King can do this year, I'm sure we'll all be estatic about! Daniel is also bigger, and has taken the body as much as, if not more so, than King has.
I never said anything about Daniel let alone him not being a powerforward...He has all the tools but his mind is different.. He prefers to just play the game- Cycling, passing plays, scoring. Daniel AND Henrik can be power forwards...all they need is a more physical element to their game and they will be PFs. but their play here in 3 years in vancouver leads me to think otherwise.

IMO a powerforward needs to do more than just make hits and score goals - that's pretty much what every top 6 player should be doing... a PF though should be a standout physically - which I couldn't see King doing.
Why not? Not even a few years down the road?

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