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Originally Posted by Talks to Goalposts View Post
Faceoffs are largely irrelevant. They are brought up a lot but have very little correlation with winning or doing well at any particular part of the game. So long as your guys are within 5% of average the effect is negligible.

Which makes sense as a faceoff is just one of the many puck battles that will take place during an ordinary shift. Doing particularly well at a special type of puck battle when pretty much all experienced NHL centers are about equally good at it isn`t something that`s going to have a major effect.

The seven player formula stinks because it fails to take into account the complexity of the game. For example you don`t need 2 great defenseman if you have 4 good ones like Vancouver last season, and Boston got away with only having one defenseman that was good for his position in the lineup (after Chara that group stunk but it had Chara so they were fine). Or a league average goaltender is fine if your strong enough elsewhere like Detroit. Its a descriptor that doesn`t describe anything novel and doesn`t really seem to reflect reality beyond good teams have good players which is redundant.

Boston won with Bergeron and Krecji who aren`t significantly better players than Gomez and Plekanec (a bit better but not in a way that makes a significant difference). Overall talent level means more than the importance of a particular position.
You could not be more wrong about faceoffs. Look at Bergeron vs Habs faceoffs during the playoffs. His faceoff wins dominated every shift because they had control of the puck a lot more. When you need a goal to tie the game or you need to stay afloat to win by 1 goal, you need to be dominant. We created a fortress around Price's crease by the 2nd period. While that worked sometimes, the opponent ended up scoring at some point. When you win faceoffs, you gain possession, rotate the puck and keep it off their sticks.

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