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10-24-2003, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Mole ii

Why not? Not even a few years down the road?
well no one can predict the future... King can in a few years develop a real mean streak, put on 20 pounds of muscle and become a powerforward type...

but I don't see it happening... my reasoning is because I've seen very few players develop into powerforwards over the years, that didn't have that mentality from junior (or sooner)... there are many other young players that will take that beating in front of the net to make their mark, like Daniel and Henrik both have done in past seasons...

but maybe it's just because I don't see as many powerforwards in the league as you do... to me, they're a rare breed, and I'd say that not all teams in the league even have a powerforward... there are probably 20 or less in the league in total at this point... but I think there are many players like King - some scoring touch and willing to get his nose dirty to make his presense felt in front of the net - but doesn't have the physical intimidation that guys like Bertuzzi have.

but I'd say that if King can turn into a powerfoward, we'd be pretty lucky... and can probably have Fedorov, Umberger, Kesler and Brenier turn into powerforwards too... not that I see it happening, but these last four guys are all bigger than King, and have had more of a physical presense so far in their games, than King has had in his games at the same stage (save Fedor).

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