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09-12-2011, 07:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Finger Post View Post
You're a math guy, right? Not trying to be a jerk here at all, but can you explain to me how 600hz refresh helps for 24hz movies or inherently 30hz or 60hz source material such as hockey games? Apart from interpolation to make data out of thin air, I mean.
My post above was somewhat misleading, though not intentionally. I did not mean to suggest that a plasma was better with motion because of the 600hz. It is actually the case that the refresh rate on a plasma is really 60hz, but the plasma has 10 subfields each refreshing at 60hz. (As O'Jase suggests). Technically this is a 600hz refresh rate but the effective rate is 60hz.

Typically plasmas had judder on 24hz sources if you went back a few years. This was one of the things that made Pioneer plasmas so great is that they handled 24hz sources superbly. Typically it is a 3:3 pulldown to 72hz I believe. (OJ you may want to add something here.)

I have not followed the latest plasma tech stuff since I bought mine. It is likley that things have changed somewhat in how plasmas manage different sources.

You did not ask about motion blur, but I will say that in the end it is not simply the refresh rate that determines how a tv deals with motion. PDP's (plasmas) and LCD's actually construct the picture in a different way. Moreover PDP's have a much faster response rate making motion blur practically a non-issue. Even within the same technology (LCD/LED) and at the same refresh rate the instances of motion blur and related artifacts can vary substantially as response rate and the quality of the processing can be quite different across sets.

If one wants to get a very good educatiuon on how these techniologies work I suggest doing a search for user xrox over at

He does a great job of explaining the technical stuff in a way that is understandable. He is also very patient with questions.

Ultimately though, things have gotten so good that if you are not overly anal about the picture, and you have a very good source to begin with it is going to be hard not to be happy with what you get.

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