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09-12-2011, 08:05 PM
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I have three Samsung plasma TVs at home, including a four-year-old 50". I bought a 42" Samsung plasma 720p over a year ago and another 43" Samsung 720p a few months ago. My daughter, who is an avid gamer (Call of Duty, etc) was aghast when I told her I was giving her the 42" plasma for her PS3 (bought it for $400 on sale last year) because she was used to a 46" 1080p 120hz LED TV at her mom's, who had paid close to $2000 for it at the time. I explained to her that the plasma would handle the motion better (Call of Duty involves big-time motion) and that the resolution would be fine... Not even sure if CoD cranks out 1080p...anyway. It's been a couple of months and she told me the other day that I was absolutely right and that the plasma is way better than her mom's TV for gaming because it's so clear and that motion blur is not an issue. She says she sees "targets" way better when she "running around" in the game.

I did side-by-side comparisons at futureshop some time ago when they were showing an HD broadcast of Hockey Night in Canada, comparing a plasma to a new 240hz model LED and when the camera quickly panned around, the plasma handled it so much better. No blur.

On a side note, I have yet to see burn-in on my four-year-old plasma. Another thing: You can save big bucks by getting a 720p. What people don't realize is that your satellite and cable signal is only 720p (or 1080i). The only source you can get that is 1080p is blue-ray and I believe some video games.

Anyway, for sports and games, plasma is still the way to go.

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