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10-24-2003, 01:31 PM
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Originally Posted by nikeisevil
One stupid move by Moreau can surely even out all the dives Forsberg made in the first game between our teams.
Speaking of Forsberg... You guys notice a trend with him? In one game, he can't stay on his feet when opposing players are near him. And, can draw a fist full of penalties, usually in the tuck or pike positions. In the next game against the same team, he starts out with lot's of space and then a freight train couldn't knock him off his skates, especially when he has a scoring chance. Obviously, it works for him.

Originally Posted by [color=black
oilers_guy_eddie]I came at him throwing, and he didn't see me until the last second.

o_g_e = clown
Oh man... You completely blindsided him. Glad you're on my team. [/color]

Originally Posted by Laperriere22
I'm not part of the Avalanche Morality Squad or anything, but I've been arguing a bit on the NHL board that I felt Pisani got the raw end of the deal. I see that play hundreds of times throughout the season and if Sakic doesn't get cut, that's a two minute minor by standards set forth by NHL referees over past seasons. I don't think he intended to drive Sakic face first into the post, only to clear Sakic from the crease. Two minute minor in my book. This year, the refs have been exceptionally squirrelly (what a great word) with their calls to start this season.
Just watched it again. Sakic's right shoulder hit's the post and his shield cuts his face when it hits the ice.

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