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09-12-2011, 10:00 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
As said previously, this team is talented. Not deep, but talented.

We are an injury or two away from relying on unproven NHL players to carry the team while we sit on a pile of cash.

And as far as judging PG, I guess you and I have a different philosophy. I believe that success is measured by results, not the effort put into trying to get results.

And for what its worth, using Gainey as the bar for a successful GM really doesnt mean a lot. You would be a better GM than Gainey.
In a previous post, you criticize Gauthier for not using the cap space in July and addressing our needs, which CLEARLY was, lack of size in top 6, depth and lack of puck moving skills from the back end. That's right genius, having a protector that plays 5minutes a game was not a priority.
So, Gauthier re-signed Weber, Markov, Gorges, that all improve the puck moving from the back end, drastically. He also finally signed our beloved Russian prospect, Emelin, from Russia, who just flourished over there last season and proved to be a very good puck mover as well.
So, ''Improve puck moving from Defense'', Check.

He also signed Cole who finished top 10 in checks last season on top of scoring 26goals, and brought back AK, who, despite popular belief, is a sure lock for 40pts. We are no longer talking about a top 6, but more of a top 9.
So, ''Add size top 6 and improve depth'', Check.

Now, if for whatever reason you don't like these moves, that's your opinion, but Gauthier absolutely went after our needs.
Also, if that ''protector'' player your ******* over of having, was our ''need'', he can still sign one. It has nothing to do with the cap. He didn't miss out on anybody of that role, at all.

I don't really know what you're talking about when you say we're 1-2 injuries from having an unproven youngster carry this team. If Cole and Gorges get injured, it's gonna be up to who to carry this team? DD, Eller, MaxPac, Weber, Emelin? Or guys like Cammy, Gionta, Plek, Gomez, AK, Markov, PK, Gill, Spacek??
Truth is, we are far from having to rely on youngsters to carry this team. These young players can put us over the edge. They can make our team a very, very performing one, but they won't have the pressure to carry our team, and even if they simply produce at a decent rate, we'll still be very good.

For some reason, you also whine about having that sum of money if we go through injuries. Having this room actually helps in case of injuries. That way, if some players get injured, but not long enough to warrant being placed on LTIR, we can still try to find a replacement without worrying about shedding salary. It's actually a very wise decision. But hey, you have your ''I hate PG and Martin'' Jersey on, that looks more like a tattoo by now, so you really can't see much good in anything they do. Heck, you can't even credit Gauthier for filling our most obvious need.

It's quite pathetic. Spare me your sarcastic response too. I don't intend on going in a circular non-sensical debate with you. Just wanted to say my peace on this subject.

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