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Originally Posted by Albino14u View Post
Its for my son but since he's only almost 5, I think its best that I post this I just need to find out what I stepped into here.

He just started a mini-mite program as a goalie since thats all he talks about and wants to be when he "grows up". So, to the questions...

The rink gave us some gear but none of it really fits and they don't seem to care because the program is free for goalies, is this typical and am I wrong for being very frustrated by this (thats a understatement btw)?

Where are good places to find used goalie gear that will fit a child that is only 44" tall?

I get the feeling (after only the evaluation skate) that the mini-mites won't work with the goalies very much, is this accurate?

The coaching staff is excellent but the management head seems to be lacking a understanding of kids, hockey and the programs she's in charge of. How upset should I be, in a free program that they said they would loan us the goalie gear 5 days before the program started but then ended up giving it to us the day of and then having to figure out how to put it on while the class has started (we did get their early)?

I don't want to be that annoying parent so I try to be as respectful as possible but its getting extremely difficult. I'm going to try and talk to the other goalie parents and hopefully that will help but when dealing with a very motivated almost 5 year old, I don't want to let him down. Right now I feel that getting properly fitting gear is the best I can do, aside from playing lots of hockey in our living room at his request.

I'll check back tomorrow and I'll probably have more questions with your answers.
First and foremost HOCKEY should be FUN for you and your kid!

At your sons age the goalie training will consist of the coach screaming "Lay DOWN, LAY DOWN!" because even if the kid has perfict fitting goalie pads they will have a hard time moving in them.

My son is now 10 years old and playing AA hockey in the GTHL it has been a long and very educational road getting there. He has been a goalie since day one and has had goalie pads since day one.
Most kids that want to play net at a young age think that they won't have to skate. I know my son thought that he would not have to do the skating drills and so on. I made my kid skate as well as his friend that was playing super 7 hockey before I bought him his first set of pads which took about 6 months of weekends and holidays but he did get close enough to encourage me to buy the pads. Since he started house league we have had varied levels of goalie coaching through the years at house league level. Once he got to rep hockey (AE) the goalie coaching during team practices was more yelling "Stop the damn puck" and then an hour at 8:00 AM with a goalie school. I have paid for extra goalie coaches for the last 3 years for my son, and I watched my son being neglected on the ice by coaches who have their kid playing net on the team. Being a goalie parent is nucking fruts, if you can get out of it get out now especially if you are already getting frustrated when your son is age 5 and just starting.

Most kids that think that they want to play net at young ages and house league level end up filling in once and coming off the ice saying "I don't ever want to do that again" with a tear in there eye. As well the team will always blame the goalkeeping for a loss rather than admit that the 5 kids that the puck got through before the shot was taken from the hash-marks in the slot did not do their jobs.

Now my best advice to you for the next 3 years is to read books, watch Video about goal-tending, work with your kid a little in the driveway always making things a game and laughing at mistakes and over praising the good things. Or you can just go Insane and working on a ulcer. at 5 years old most kids just are not going to have the large motor control they need to invest in goalie coaches.

My best advice to you is relax and celebrate the losses just like you would celebrate a win. At this age just tell him how good he is doing all the time and if you skate stick and puck with him teach him where the crease is in a fun way.

here are some good drills for a young goalie to do. and don't try to do then all in the hour your on the ice. pick one and have him do it slowly and correctly for 2 or 3 times and then play games and make sure he gets hit with the puck (Stops the puck).

It gets more stressful the better your son gets. make this the time of your life now or you might regret it later.

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