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At 5 I'm surprised that the program would want goalies. The couple of programs that I looked into don't use goalies at all. Instead they want the kids to learn how to skate and just have fun.

The goalie coach that I go to runs one of these programs and told me that he can tell which kids want to play goal because they tend to hang back and try to stop the puck from going in the net. Given that kids have no power behind their shot and can't elevate the puck it's not all that important to have goalie gear.

That said, I did get my 5 year old son a Bauer Prodigy glove and blocker (when I went to Planet Goalie for my glove, my son saw them, so how could I not get them for him ) and will toss tennis balls at him in the living room.

He started learn to play last night and had a blast. However, watching it from the bleachers I can honestly tell you that I don't think that if he played goal it would be any fun for him.

There's no point in having a set goalie at that age level. In my area, there are no goalies in the practices, and when they play games at "Festivals" against other cities, kids take turns playing goalie.

He should just be focusing on his skating ability at that age. Even with the smaller pucks that they use(at least in our area they use lighter pucks at that age), none of the kids can lift it or even shoot that hard.

And also, about the whole not getting the gear ahead of time thing, just remember all the coaches and organizers are all volunteers and do this in their spare time. As some one who has put a lot of time into minor hockey the last 5 years, I can tell you that getting a 4 year old goalie gear wouldn't exactly be high on my priority list.

Also, the organization will only have a few sets(if that) of goalie gear at that level in general sizes, so if it doesn't fit then there's not much they can do, especially considering the points in my first paragraph about goalies at this age.

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