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09-13-2011, 11:48 AM
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Lokomotiv’s Alexander Galimov dies from plane crash injuries

Heart wretching...

Andrei Alexeev, Head of the Vishnevsky hospital, one of the leading medical facilities in Russia, issued a statement that "In the morning of September 12, despite the treatment using the best modern therapy methods, Alexander Galimov dies of burns incompatible with life."

He added that Galimov's heart stopped and the efforts to resuscitate him were futile.

Alexeev also added:

"The chances to save Galimov were minimum from the very beginning. He was conscious only in the first few hours after the crash. This is possible even with the severest of burns due to the shock the victim was in. During the transfer to Moscow Galimov was put in a medically induced coma. That was it is easier to perform the mechanical ventilation and to maintain other internal organs.

"We were fighting for him to the end. We were hoping that the strong athletic body would nevertheless be able to survive, but he died today without regaining consciousness. His wife visited him on Sunday. She whispered something in his ear. I hope he felt it."

Last week, doctors stated that Days 3 and 4 after such severe burns are the most critical, and that most severe burns victims die on the third or fourth day. Galimov fought for a little over 4 days, but having sustained third-degree burns to over 90-percent of his body, as well as burns to his upper respiratory system, he succumbed to him injuries.

Galimov will be buried on Wednesday in Yaroslavl, laid next to his fallen team mates at Leontievskoe cemetery.

The other survivor, crew member Alexander Sizov, has been transferred from the Intensive Care Unit to a hospital room. Doctors say his life is no longer in danger. In the coming days he will meet with investigators about the crash.

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