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09-13-2011, 11:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Spongolium View Post
Are you seriously insulting another writer pulling the whole "credibility" thing. Can you give us your credentials to being a prospect writer?
A degree in English/Journalism and 3 years writing here. I'm not exactly in any rush, nor do I consider myself a "professional" or some highly credible journalist with some insider knowledge and all that nonsense. I analyze situations to the best of my knowledge and do all the research/legwork that most people don't want to do. I've also been an extremely strong writer for as long as I can remember.

Honestly, don't assume that I take myself so seriously. I do however do my job pretty well in terms of the content I produce.

Originally Posted by FlyersFocus View Post
Second, I did not mean this to be a journalistic piece meant for publication - it's a blog post. I attempted to cite all relevant information, but that's because I feel that if blogs want respect, they should hold themselves to high standards. I wasn't writing with the intention of masquerading as a true journalist.
It's alright. I was only taking a shot at it because I thought it was Dustin Leed, a professional who should be writing more professional pieces.

For a blog, it's more well thought out than most. It still doesn't answer my question of why though.

Originally Posted by FlyersFocus View Post
Third, with regards to the purpose of the piece: this was a post trying to piece together all of the rumors, that in retrospect, appear related to the Jeff Carter trade. I felt like these connections had not been made by anyone thus far in the analysis following the trade, and I found the information interesting.
I'm sure most Flyers' fans, especially those who follow this board, can follow back all the Carter hate that has popped up over the years. Maybe not specific details of each event, but they can definitely follow the sentiment.

I think however that you're trying to place this movement on the organization rather than the fanbase. The problem with this is that even if the process to move Carter was as long and foreshadowed as you say, the movement from the fanbase's/media's perspective and the movement from the organization's perspective were very different.

So even if these articles foreshadow the Carter trade, it's for a different reason altogether.

Because of this I don't view it as particularly fair to trace it's lineage as a recorded history of the Carter trade when it realistically has nothing to do with the end result.

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